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Les Ateliers de Grand-Bassam, run by the association Grand-Bassam Project, is a direct extension of Ouaga Film Lab, the first development and co-production laboratory in sub-Saharan Africa.  By necessity and conviction, they are a new incubator for the fabrication of narratives in Africa.

This innovative development laboratory and residency is positioned as a unique and privileged place on the continent, dedicated to the discovery and accompaniment of authors and spaces that encourage the construction of narratives through an innovative approach in collaboration with the creative and economic worlds.

Following a call for projects, Les Ateliers de Grand-Bassam selects ten (10) of the most promising projects, which will be supervised by internationally renowned mentors and experts for a phase of in-depth coaching and training covering the various fields of film production and storytelleing. They also promote encounters between established professionals and young African talent, facilitating their networking on an international scale.


These technical workshops cover artistic, economic and communication aspects. They are designed to strengthen projects, making them more attractive for the search for financing and for marketing. Participants will also benefit from enhanced skills in scriptwriting, production strategy and pitching techniques.


Ateliers de Grand-Bassam project bearers will have access to a mentoring experience with renowned personalities from the African film industry, in the form of a companionship. Through preliminary and ongoing coaching, project bearers are matched with mentors who will offer personalized support to help them perfect their projects.

Project leaders will benefit from the critical scrutiny of the experts present to refine their projects and make them more attractive for funding. The program includes sessions for exchanging knowledge and experience, writing techniques and mentoring. These exchanges extend to both projects (covering artistic, technical, and financial aspects) and participants, offering comprehensive support.


In this workshop, participants will develop their skills in presenting their projects orally and professionally, to convince producers, residency managers and funders to support them.


The Bassam Producers Lab is an advanced training program specifically aimed at developing the skills of the continent’s producers. It aims to train ten (10) young professionals working in production structures. The program comprises three phases of intensive training covering all aspects of the production business.


On the one hand, experts and funding managers will be on hand to explain how their structures work, and to advise project owners on the opportunities best suited to their projects. On the other hand, experienced directors and producers will have the opportunity to talk about their career paths, and discuss the production, financing, successes and/or failures of their films, both locally and internationally. These professional testimonials are of great value to the young filmmakers selected for the Grand-Bassam Workshops.


Karim Aitouna


Dora Bouchoucha

Mentor – Trainer

Jihan El-Tahri

Mentor – Trainer

Mama Keïta


Pedro Pimenta


Moussa Sene Absa


Stefano Tealdi



The call for projects is open until May 30, 2024!

Before registering a project, please read the rules. Incomplete or non-compliant applications will be automatically rejected.


Ateliers Grand-Bassam success stories


Over the past eight years, the Ouaga Film Lab has supported a dozen film projects a year, including documentaries, dramas and series. Nearly one hundred (88) projects have been supported, developed, coached and enriched within our lab, the first entirely dedicated to development and co-production in West Africa.

Among these projects, some fifteen feature-length films have been finalized and have enjoyed a successful career, marked by selections and awards at international festivals, followed by theatrical and/or television release.

Garderie noctrine
Mami wata
Omi Nobu
Or de vie

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Ateliers de Granda-Bassam

About us

Les Ateliers de Grand-Bassam is brought to life by Grand-Bassam Project, a non-profit association that embodies excellence in the film and audiovisual industry. The association is an organization of filmmakers, producers and cultural industry professionals from Ivory Coast, the continent and beyond, who help incubate performing arts and audiovisual projects by applying alternative methods of management, production, marketing and distribution in countries across the continent.

Grand-Bassam Project’s main objective is to contribute to the emergence of a solid, internationally competitive African cultural industry, notably through the development of the performing arts and audiovisual sector, capable of contributing to improving the economic impact of culture and consolidating the employability of young people.

Specifically, the objectives of the Grand-Bassam Project are to :

– Implement and consolidate an incubator for cultural projects and professional training workshops for artists and producers from Ivory Coast and other countries on the continent.

– Contribute to the reappropriation by Ivorian cultural players of the conception and governance of cultural policies, in partnership with public decision-makers at national level.

– Contribute to the dissemination of cinematographic works from the continent Formalize and implement a strategy for the implementation of activities, a risk management plan, as well as a monitoring and evaluation plan for all actions.

– Produce and/or co-produce performing arts and audiovisual works and projects for dissemination on the continent and internationally.

– Intensify artistic education initiatives aimed at children, young people and the general public.

Grand-Bassam Project is in the process of launching its program of activities, which include training, production, distribution, image education and consulting for the first edition of the Ateliers de Grand-Bassam. In keeping with its management strategy, the company’s aim is to combine production activities with socio-educational initiatives.

By working closely with sister organizations in Ivory Coast who share the same passion, Grand-Bassam Project will contribute to the future of cinema in Côte d’Ivoire and beyond.

The association capitalizes on the experience acquired over the last ten years by the Ouaga Film Lab, and projects will be carried out with the expertise required to increase the competitiveness of Ivorian and African filmmakers on the world stage.